Sunday, July 29, 2012

Watching the Summer rain storm

"rain coat" and boots

After deciding his rain coat was too hot!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Sam,
Just want to take a quick minute while you are taking your afternoon nap and tell you how much happiness you bring into not only lives but so many others who adore you.  Today, Papa and Granmama came down to go swimming with you and not any other day we have gone,  but today as I sat there and watched the three of you swim together it hit me how much you have single handily brought so much happiness into our world.  You swam like a fish with Papa, jumped to Grandmama and I am sure the neighbors could have heard all three of your giggling.   To see my parents love on you and to see how happy you make them it delights every being in my heart and body.
Not only to our family have you brought so much joy but our dear friends who surround us in love.  We went camping with this last weekend and to watch you interact with everyone makes me so happy.  Matt was chasing you and Jack and as I saw how much he adored you and it bring tears to my eyes.  Then you  and Jack went and took off after Mia and Meg and the giggles and belly laughs that came out of all four of you...I am sure it is sound I will never forget. That sound of pure childhood laughter.  You played radio with Madelyn,  roasted marshmallows  and hot dogs, ran fast down the dirt roads, played tent with "the girls" and found rocks to throw in the little stream.   As I watched you and your friends play I had to step away and catch my breath.  As my dear friend put her arm around me as we  stood there for a second in silence it just hit me how lucky we are to have you and much happiness you bring into all our lives.  It also made me realize how lucky I am  to have such close friends who love your child and much as you... it just took my breath away.
I hope one day I can thank your birth Mommy for allowing me experience all these wonderful moments of being a Mommy.  And her tell thanks trusting me to raise this beautiful soul as he truly is loved by more people than I can could have ever imagined.  Thank you for allowing me hear that laughter and happiness to all he meets.  It is something I could never explain but I hope you have feel it in your heart how loved you are, Sam.  And how those giggles it delights me more than you ever know.  Thanks for filling our lives with happiness and joy!
Thanks for a great weekend and a great day today!
I love you Sam,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where has time gone?

It has been a while since I have posted as it seems time has sped up lately.  Sam is now two and half, the twins have been gone for three years, and I am trying to figure where the time has gone!  In the long time since my last post in the time now Sam talks in complete sentences, carries on a conversation, expresses his like and dislikes, and has epic head banging toddler tantrums!  He loves to jump, his diggers, loves Cars, and loves his "puppy" also know as Murphy.  He is now sleeping in a big boy bed and is potty trained.  Has named his favorite stuffed dog, Turkey.  And Turkey lately has gone everywhere with us and he usually ends up in my purse, along with the tractors, cars and other random things he puts in there...thankfully it is a big purse.  He can go underwater at the pool and loves to jump into our arms off the side.  He loves to golf and often wants to go the golf course with his Daddy.  Which of course delights his Daddy's soul.  He even has to wear his golf shirt.  He loves to play with his best friends Jack, Madelyn and Liam.  He even learned to climb!  Which delights him but terrifies me! Just yesterday he told me to call Grandmama and Papa because he was mad at me.  Yes, my son, grandparents are the best rescue from a Mommy who makes you get out of the pool because your lips are blue.  They love you so! 
We have also registered him for preschool next year which while it delights my soul makes me so sad to see how fast really time does fly.  Everyone told me that when you have children time flies.   I thought they lied as time stood still the first four months but now I realize how quickly it does fly.  I wish someone would slow down the time as I am really enjoying this little person and am loving watching all he can do!  I feel so blessed to have him in our lives.  There is not a day that I thank God for this little soul who calls me Mommy. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What are you doing right now...

 I have seen this on some of the blogs I follow so I thought I would fun to do!

Right now I am:

watching:  Up All Night (DVR)

eating: nothing but wanting ice cream!

drinking: water wishing it was a glass of wine!

wearing:Yoga pants, and and tee

avoiding: Putting Sam to bed

feeling: Overwhelmed
missing:  Jen...could use a girls night in Austin

thankful: for my family

weather: Cold

praying: For answers

needing: A girl's weekend. 

thinking: How I should go to the gym and run. 

loving: Listening to James and Sam play trains in the basement. Sam misses his Daddy when he travels for work. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As anyone who has come by the house lately can tell you about Sam's obsession with cars.  They cover the living room floor, can be found in pockets of his coats and last night he took one to bed with him.  Add this to his second obsession, water and you have a great night of fun washing his cars in the kitchen sink!